Suspect Your Spouse of Cheating? There’s an App for That

For owners of the new iPhone 4s who suspect that their significant other is cheating on them, apparently, there is an app for that.

An app available on the iOS 5 platform of the new iPhone 4 allows friends and family to track each other. Called “Find My Friends”, the app uses the iPhone’s Global Positioning System (GPS) to locate and plot the location of other peoples’ iPhones on a map displayed on the iPhone’s screen (this app is also available for compatible iPads).

For the app to work, friends or family agree to allow each other to use the app to find their locations, often within a few feet of their actual location. The app could have any number of uses, including, as ABC News points out, making sure children make it home from school safely.

According to a post on, a suspicious husband found a way to use the app to catch his wife having an extramarital affair. According to the unverified post, the husband loaded the “Find My Friends” app onto his wife’s phone and then used the map to track her location while she was out. Told by his wife that she was going to visit a friend in one part of the city, the man used the app to track his wife to a different area of the city, near the home of the man the husband suspected his wife was having an affair with was located.

According to a later post on the website, the man indicated that thanks to the app he was able to catch his wife lying to him and he would be seeking a divorce. While ABC News was unable to verify the truth of the post, the new app appears to have as many uses as creative people can think of, including tracking a spouse suspected of cheating.

Source: ABC News, Your Cheating Heart: iPhone App Finds Wife With Another Man, Ned Potter, 17 October 2011

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