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Modifications & Enforcements


When a divorce is finalized, the decree only reflects your circumstances at the time of the divorce. They do not predict the future. As your life, your former spouse’s life and the life of your child change, certain terms of your divorce agreement may need to be revisited and changed. At North Texas Family Lawyers, we have helped hundreds of clients modify child custody arrangements, spousal support and child support amounts, visitation rights, and property division terms.

Another frustration brought about by divorce is your former spouse not abiding by the decree when it comes to child visitation and financial support. We understand this frustration if you are subjected to routine, unwarranted cancellations of visitation or chronic default on spousal or child support. In addition to handling modifications, we handle the enforcement of existing child support, child custody, spousal support and property division decrees.

Whether you need the assistance of a fierce litigator or a milder yet authoritative collaborative law attorney, we have a family law attorney who can provide you with the guidance and support you need as you venture forth. Several reasons may exist for the need to modify or enforce your divorce agreement. These reasons include:

  • Your former spouse remarried.
  • Your former spouse received a substantial pay increase.
  • Your current visitation schedule no longer works as your children have gotten older.
  • You need more flexibility in your child custody or visitation arrangement.
  • Your former spouse has taken on a demanding job that requires him or her to give up more time with the children.
  • Previously undisclosed property issues have come to light that may affect your spousal or child support or alimony payment.
  • Your former spouse or your child’s other parent has failed to remain current on child support payments.

Our firm can help you resolve these issues and obtain the support you need either through your agreement being modified or enforced. You don’t have to lose your child visitation rights or financial support, just because you or your ex-spouse’s circumstances change.