Visitation Possession Rights

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VISITATION AND POSSESSION RIGHTS attorneys in denton county

For children, divorce is an especially hard experience. They are torn between their two parents and, sometimes, the subject of a fierce custody battle. When it comes to the parents, they are afraid of being stripped of their opportunities to spend time with their children and watch them grow. Child possession, access, and visitation rights are a vital part of a parent’s right to spend time with a minor child following a divorce.

Parents are often unable to come to a conclusive agreement regarding visiting rights. When parties cannot agree, an experienced North Texas Family Lawyers family law attorney can work to facilitate a compromise or to litigate for one parent’s interests in court.

Our unparalleled experience handling child possession, access and visitation cases means we can provide effective help in:

  • Investigating relevant information regarding disputes and potential disputes about visitation
  • Determining legal custody, including establishing joint or sole child custody
  • Drafting parenting plans
  • Modifying or enforcing divorce decrees
  • Resolving matters regarding relocation and other modifications
  • Addressing parental alienation issues
  • Drafting and reviewing child support agreements that protect your possession, access and visitation rights