A Single Parent’s Guide to Staying in Tune with Your Kids

Download A Single Parent’s Guide to Staying in Tune with Your Kids

When parenting becomes a solo act, it’s tough to carve out enough quality time for children.

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One out of every four American children today lives in a single-parent home.  Although the circumstances vary from home to home, many single-parent households face the same hurdles. With time and energy stretched thin, many single moms and dads worry about living up to the astronomical expectations we place on parents (and kids) today.  It seems like there’s never enough hours in the day to finish all the required tasks, and there’s hardly ever time left for simple fun and games.  But your kids only get one childhood and they’ll be grown and gone before you know it.

Download A Single Parent’s Guide to Staying in Tune with Your Kids

Discover 5 simple tips to help you achieve more harmony in your relationship with your kids.


Go unplugged.  Between work, school and other obligations, single parents are rarely able to spend as much time with their kid as they’d like to. Make the most of your time when you are together by staying disconnected – from your phone, computer, and the TV. Make it a habit to give your child some of your undivided attention every day.


Take it on the road. Get out of the house and go have some fun! Find activities that everyone enjoys and can provide an antidote to stress from work and school for young people and adults alike. Shake up the routine and check out a new fun event in your area, whether it be a rodeo, a play or a food festival. For teens and preteens, try a new workout together, take a shopping trip to their favorite outlet mall or hit up a game to cheer for their favorite team.


Get the band back together. Designate a standing family night – plan at least one night a week to stay in and hang out together for a few hours. It will be a welcome change from the usual routine of everyone running in different directions most families seem to do every evening. Get creative and keep it interactive – board games, make-your-own pizza, a seasonal craft project, bake cookies for a new neighbor – whatever gets everyone involved and having fun!


Download A Single Parent’s Guide to Staying in Tune with Your Kids

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