COVID-19 and Visitation in Texas


What can I do if the other parent is at a high risk of getting coronavirus?  Can I keep our child from them?

This has been a frequently asked question in the last few weeks and the short answer is “no”, you cannot.  If you do not let the child go during their court-ordered visitation period, know that by not following an existing court or may subject you to an enforcement motion which might be filed by the other parent. 

On March 24, 2020, the Supreme Court of Texas issued an order mandating that standing custody orders do remain in full force and effect. This means that both parents are still entitled to visitation with their children despite any type of mandatory shelter-in-place order which might be issued by their local government.  However, if your child has been diagnosed with the virus, parents need to use common sense. This may be an excellent time to co-parent and focus on the best interest of your child.

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