How to Resolve a Divorce Using Collaborative Law

Resolved Divorce

Divorcing couples often want to stay out of court and resolve all of their issues peacefully. This is, and has been, possible for many years, but Collaborative Law now paves a path that couples can go down by agreeing to every step of the process.

Collaborative Law has been statutorily in place in Texas for about ten years but was strengthened and solidified in 2011 with the passing of the Collaborative Family Law Act. It has gained popularity in many circles because of the reduced tension throughout the divorce process and because of the positive and happier attitudes of the couples who make it through the final steps of the divorce.

At the heart of the success of this process is the ability to think, reason, and emotionally grow through the issues that many people end up fighting over in court at temporary orders hearings and sometimes a final trial. Believe it or not, sometimes it is even fun for the couple to go through this process!

Soon we’ll discuss the costs involved and the comparison to a litigated case. I’ll also share some success stories that you might relate to, as well as what to look for in an attorney who will represent you in the Collaborative Law process.

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