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We’ve all heard that phrase, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!” Quite often I hear divorce clients voice a desire to keep the facts and circumstances of their divorce private. Sometimes it is because of privately-held business or financial concerns that at least one spouse wants to protect from the public. Sometimes it is because of sexual or infidelity acts that are embarrassing and crushing to a spouse’s reputation. Sometimes it is because of religious or ideological practices that would be detrimental to a spouse’s social position or security. Sometimes it is simply because a splitting couple chooses to keep their children from being exposed to the fighting and what led the parents to divorce.

There are a few legal maneuvers available to use in most divorce cases that allow a party to shroud those nitty-gritty and sensitive details from getting out. While every marriage is different, a good family law firm can assess the client’s unique circumstances and propose that just right litigation plan, cooperative plan, or collaborative plan that permits that just-right level of privacy.

Not every marriage is the same, and not every tool in the lawyer’s bag is the correct tool for every divorce. It takes lawyers experienced and knowledgeable in the law, familiar with local practices, and leaders in resolving cases via various methods. There are a few rare individual practitioners out there who can do it all well. But if you can’t find that rare one, look for a versatile family law firm that has a team of lawyers leading the area in complex divorces. They will know the ins and outs of keeping things hush-hush and out of sight. They will know the best course of action to keep your private business . . . well, private.

Now, there is never a guarantee that someone on the other side won’t spill the beans. Sometimes things are leaked from Vegas, too! But it is important to start the process off with proper protective orders, privacy agreements, and a selection of procedural steps in mind to get you where you want to go with the umbrella fully deployed. Start your case off with a plan, but more importantly, a plan for a quiet success. Know before you roll the dice!