Our Family Wizard – Communication Tool for Parents

Often times when parents either divorce or separate, there can be problems with the communication between them regarding the children. Whether this is because of animosity or differences in opinion, the court has come up with a way to address these communication issues. A service known as Our Family Wizard is one of these tools used to facilitate communication between parents of children.

When orders are put in place between parents as to custody, visitation, child support, and health insurance, each parent can use the wizard to inform the other parent of their intentions on these matters. So, for example, a parent could inform the other parent of their intended pick up time or return of the children, participation of the children in extracurricular activities, and health information affecting the children. The wizard can also be used to exchange financial information such as child support payments and reimbursed medical information.

By using the wizard to exchange this information, there is a record of the communications going between parents which helps to eliminate the disparity and confusion that can result from exchanging this information through talk, text, or e-mail. In addition, the communications on the wizard can later be used in a court proceeding between the parties to show evidence of a discussion on a particular matter, a notice of a party’s intent, or as a tally of expenses or amounts owed under the prior orders of the court.

Our Family Wizard can be a particularly useful tool for parents who tend to disagree on matters affecting their children, which can be enhanced by past litigation between the parties. If the court or attorneys can recognize this difficulty in communication between the parents early on, they can impose this required communication tool on the parents such that it aids in exchanging pertinent information concerning the children in a clear and unambiguous manner.

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