I Am Finally Calling a Divorce Lawyer – I Need to Know What?

So, you have decided that you can’t take it anymore and you need to speak with an attorney regarding the possibility of filing for divorce. In order to make that initial call as informative and productive for you as possible, here is some basic information the paralegal for the law firm needs to obtain when you are making that first call.

1. Complete names of the parties. This includes full legal names. You will also need to provide any other last names, including the maiden name.

2. County of residence – what County do you live in? This is very important for making sure that your lawsuit is filed in the proper venue.

3. Are there minor children of the marriage? Do any of the children have special needs? Are there minor children from a prior marriage?

4. Generally, what kind of property is involved? Is there a marital home? Does either party own a business? If so, what is the full name of the business? Are other individuals involved in the ownership of the business? What are their full names? Is the business a corporation, limited liability company (LLC), or a sole proprietorship? Are there retirement accounts, mutual funds, or stocks that will need to be divided? What bank accounts does each party have?

5. What kind of motor vehicles are there?

6. Was a premarital agreement signed? Were any post-marital agreements signed, such as a “buy-sell” agreement for a business?

. The more “initial” information you can provide during the first telephone call to the attorney’s office, the better able the paralegal is to set your appointment with an attorney who has specialized knowledge and experience for your case.

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