The Timing of Divorce

Texas couples considering divorce may be weighing a number of factors in their decision, and timing is also an important one to keep in mind. There may be certain times when divorce leads to less emotional and financial fallout than others. Couples sometimes find it more financially feasible to wait until the children are grown and they have more financial security. Health insurance is another factor in delaying divorce, and couples may separate but stay married for a long time so one can continue providing this for the other spouse.

Holidays or milestones such as important birthdays, graduations or weddings may delay a divorce as well. Many people wait and file for divorce in January or in the months just after out of consideration to spouses or loved ones. If spouses are also business partners, divorce can be even more complex. If the business is going through a tumultuous time, delaying divorce may be necessary. A sudden change in finances might be reason to delay as well. For example, if either or both spouses own a business that may go public soon or if one is expecting a bonus, this could have implications regarding marital property and division of property that individuals may want to discuss with an attorney.

High-profile couples may want to consider the toll that divorce can take in terms of a loss of privacy. This may be personally stressful or could tarnish the image of a company or individual.

People contemplating divorce may wish to speak with counselors, financial advisers, and attorneys regarding the optimal time frame. While divorce is unlikely to be painless, some consideration of the timing may make it less difficult.

Source: Market Watch, “When’s the worst time to get a divorce?“, Quentin Fottrell, May 24, 2014

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