Texas Wins Child Support Recognition

The National Child Support Enforcement Team, known as NCSEA, has announced that the Texas Child Support Division has the best child support collection program in the United States. The program came in first for collections, cost-effectiveness, and the amount of collections per full-time employee.

The Child Support Division, under the supervision of Texas Attorney General Greg Abbot, has collected over $3.6 billion in support for the fiscal year 2013. This is not the first time this program has received national recognition. Over the past seven years, the program collected more than any other state. In fact, collections between 2012 and 2013 increased by $226 million and accounted for a large increase in overall national collections.

This award marks the third time that NCSEA has given a high honor to the Texas program. In 2007, the Child Support Division received an Outstanding Program award, and in 2005, NCSEA awarded Attorney General Abbott with their State Leader of the year award. It is felt that the growth in child support collections in Texas is significant given the economic climate that has prevailed during the recession.

There are many circumstances that may make it difficult to collect child support. The poor economy has been a huge issue since the recession began in 2007. States have been forced to increase efforts to recover money that is owed to children, and Texas has been one of the leaders. A person responsible for a child or several children who are owed child support may want to consult a family law attorney. An attorney may be able to help fill out paperwork in order to start the process of child support collection.

Source: KGNS, “Texas Attorney General’s Child Support Division lauded as best in the nation”, Matt McGovern, August 12, 2014

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