Divorce and Spying Spouses

A small recorder sewn into a child’s jeans, a camera in a teddy bear; such devices aren’t just in spy movies but are actually being used by spouses in divorce and child custody cases. These technologies are part of the growing trend of domestic spying.

Just by browsing the internet, spouses who wish to snoop can find a variety of relatively inexpensive spy gadgets. These include pens with recording devices, clothing buttons with cameras and GPS tracking devices that can be discreetly placed under cars.

A California man recently filed suit against his ex after he found a device that looked similar to a small flash drive concealed in his son’s jeans. The device allegedly recorded his interactions with his son, as well as his conversations with family members, therapists, and attorneys.

In another case, where a woman put an audio recorder inside her daughter’s stuffed bear, the woman was ordered to pay over $100,000 in damages and attorney fees and costs.

The potential illegality of spying has not deterred many snooping spouses. A manager at Spy Emporium says that business has been booming. He says the most popular items are mini video and audio recorders and GPS trackers; a good deal of which are being sold to spouses who suspect cheating, and to parents who want to monitor what is transpiring when their children are with their exes.

Family law attorneys advise spouses and ex-spouses not to engage in such behavior, and to take precautions if they suspect domestic spying. Even if spying activity is not found criminal, a person may be sued for invasion of privacy.

Source: Houston Chronicle, Spy gadgets infiltrate divorces as domestic snooping booms, Mike Tolson, 29 April 2012

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