Introducing Our Texas Family Law Blog

Family and divorce law changes quickly and often. Frequently, state legislators and judges make decisions that impact the way family law cases are prepared and presented for negotiations and court. And each day, juries make decisions that create precedence. In the process, they change the way lawyers need to strategize family law cases.

At North Texas Family Lawyers we follow the laws and legal stories that will impact the strategies we use while protecting your family law rights. We also keep you informed about the legal process to help you make better decisions about your own case.

Why this Blog?

We intend this Blog page to serve as a forum for discussing case law and relevant court decisions regarding divorce law and other areas of family law. Periodically, we will update the information and Blog topics; please return often to see our most current post and comments.

North Texas Family Lawyers has always placed an emphasis on personalized attention, responsiveness to clients’ concerns, and just results. We, therefore, seek your feedback about this and future Blog posts on this page and invite you to post comments. Thank you for visiting. Please call us at (972) 402-6367 to discuss your specific legal need today.

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