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At North Texas Family Lawyers, our tenacious team of family law attorneys combines legal knowledge with creative strategies to bring stability and security to your situation. We understand that divorce and its related issues can take an emotional toll on everyone. We have the skills to assist you with care and compassion through this challenging time. 

Our greatest priority is to protect your best interests when facing divorce and other family law matters. We understand that your decisions now can impact you for the rest of your life. 

Need help with your divorce or other family law issue? Contact one of our team members online or at (972) 402-6367 to schedule a consultation.

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Get Unique Representation at A Premier Family Law Firm

No two divorces are the same. They are subject to individualized circumstances and people with unique needs and objectives. At North Texas Family Lawyers, we tailor our services to you. Our team is here to help you navigate the many changes that come with your circumstances. Does your case call for an aggressive lawyer with fierce courtroom skills? Or would your interests be better served by a lawyer noted for a gentle, diplomatic demeanor? We cover both and so much more.

Our team of lawyers provides clients with efficient and effective representation using extensive family law experience. One of our attorneys, Bill Neal, is Board Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. We also have onboard a paralegal who is Board Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Board Certification is only granted to lawyers and paralegals who have “substantial, relevant experience” in their area of law, who have completed advanced legal education and have passed a rigorous exam. According to the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, these professional experts provide the highest quality of legal representation. 

Practice Areas

Our Denton County family law attorneys represent clients in a variety of family matters including uncontested, contested, same-sex, high net-worth, and collaborative divorce; child support; paternity; child custody; parenting plans; marital property division; marital agreements; grandparents’ rights; adoption; and contested probate

Our comprehensive services also include assistance with mental health issues related to divorce, international custody, multi-state custody and support litigation, and mediation/alternate dispute resolutions (ADR)

No matter how difficult or complex your divorce or family law matter may be, our capable team has the knowledge, experience, and resources to help you resolve it using the legal methods that will uniquely align with your needs and goals. 

Understanding The Challenges of Divorce

Divorce is a significant life event that many spouses come to consider after enduring prolonged dissatisfaction or conflict within their marriage. While the decision to divorce can often bring a sense of relief and a path to a fresh start, it is not without its challenges.

Issues such as property division, child custody, spousal support, and determining an equitable distribution of assets can be stressful and contentious. Moreover, navigating the legal system and understanding your rights and obligations can be overwhelming, especially under the strain of emotional distress.

This is where problems commonly arise; without proper guidance and support, spouses can find themselves facing prolonged conflicts, increased financial burdens, and significant emotional tolls that affect not just the involved parties, but the entire family.

How Our Denton County Divorce Attorneys Can Help

At North Texas Family Lawyers, our Denton County divorce attorneys are dedicated to mitigating the stress and complications associated with divorce. We provide a compassionate yet strategic approach to protect your best interests and ensure a smoother transition. Our team is equipped to handle even the most challenging situations with professionalism and care.

With our extensive experience, we guide you through every step of the legal process and work tirelessly to resolve conflicts amicably and efficiently.


read what our clients have to say
  • “I was referred to these guys, and they took care of EVERYTHING!”
    “My ex and her buddy are still trying to figure the mess out on her end, where mine is TOTALLY DONE! Wish I had these guys representing me in my divorce!!!!”
    - Joe B.
  • “I could not be more happy with how they have represented me and the best interests of my children.”
    “When I look back I am completely amazed by his skill. Through each step, he knows exactly the right move to make.”
    - Mandy A.
  • “Respectful, prompt, and compassionate”
    Though the unfortunate circumstances leading me to North Texas Family Lawyers were my own doing, they treated me with respect, promptness, and compassion throughout the process. I recommend them for any civil law needs.
    - Jeremy E.
  • “We highly recommend Mr. Neal and his team.”
    “He truly practices by high ethical standards, and we are so appreciative of his wise counsel.”
    - Denise S.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Complex Financial Divorce Lawyers

    When a couple divorces and a family-owned business is involved, the division of the business can go in one of several directions, and any number of issues may be disputed. For instance:

    • A judge may order that the business be divided equally.
    • A dispute may arise regarding the valuation of the business.
    • A spouse may attempt to obtain part ownership in the business.

    The result of negotiations or litigation can greatly affect the assets of either party after the divorce is finalized. If you are divorcing and wish to protect your interests in a family-owned business, it is essential that you obtain qualified, knowledgeable and aggressive legal help.

    At the Lewisville, Texas, North Texas Family Lawyers, we have represented spouses’ interests in businesses for decades. We draw on our vast experience and work with our certified divorce financial planning expert to maximize clients’ assets during the division of complex property. We can work effectively to maximize or minimize a cash pay out for a business, fight for your exclusive ownership of a business or otherwise protect your interests.

    Was your business yours exclusively before your marriage? Did your spouse make only minor contributions to your business, or did you contribute heavily toward your spouse’s business?

    We have resolved cases in which businesses have been declared the sole possession of one spouse, and we have succeeded in limiting a spouse’s payout to just the appreciated value of the business during the length of the marriage. We have worked with countless business owners and owners of professional practices and can work effectively to protect your interests. For more information, please contact a Lewisville business valuation lawyer at our firm.

  • Protecting Assets During Divorce

    Comprehensive Complex Property Services for over 100 Years

    At Neal North Texas Family Lawyers, we provide creative family law solutions with the goal of saving our clients money, time and anguish. Our decades of experience resolving family law disputes mean we know how to provide the support that families in transition often need.

    At the same time, we realize that a part of the anguish of divorce results from worries and unanswered questions about the future. Who will own key assets? Who will be responsible for which marital debts? And how will child support and spousal support payments affect my family’s future and quality of life?

    If you are divorcing and have questions regarding the protection of your assets, contact the Lewisville, Texas, law firm North Texas Family Lawyers. We are here for you, ready to represent your best interests.

    Our Experience and Qualifications Illustrate Our Ability to Protect Your Assets During Divorce

    Few family law firms in the Lewisville area bring our focus, credentials and level of experience to the protection of marital assets:

    • We practice family law exclusively
    • Our lawyer team includes board-certified family law attorneys
    • We work closely with a certified divorce financial planning expert

    Our experience protecting and dividing property ranges from the division of homes and debt to disputes involving family-owned businesses, pensions, trusts and property protected in premarital and post-marital agreements. For more information regarding our firm and the protection of your property during divorce, please contact our office.

  • Understanding Divorce and the Interplay Between Mortgages, Divorce Decrees

    Throughout the lifetime of any marriage, many couples accumulate different types of debts and assets. And, if a divorce occurs, they are simply divided up between each party in an equitable way. The divorce decree is then signed, parties understand their rights and obligations and they go on their separate ways. However, this isn’t exactly as easy as it sounds.

    Despite the divorce decree dictating each party’s assumptions or responsibilities, there are still problems that could affect one or the other down the line.

    A common example involves a mortgage.

    Decisions Regarding the Family Home

    One of the biggest issues many divorcing couples need to resolve is in regards to the family home.

    In a perfect world, the house is out up for sale, quickly sold and the equity is split between the parties. However, many couples in the last few years and even today simply cannot sell their homes. Many are underwater or have been unable to compete in a saturated market.

    Some couples, as a solution, will agree to allow one party to take over possession and responsibility of the residence, mortgage, taxes and insurance. The responsibility is thereafter stipulated in the divorce decree. But this can become problematic.

    Mortgage Decrees and Mortgage Notes

    Even though the divorce decree stipulates that one party is taking responsibility for everything related to the family home, both parties are still obligated under the mortgage if both names remain listed on the property’s mortgage note. This is because a divorce decree is a separate contract from a mortgage and lenders are not bound by divorce judgments.

    So, if the party taking responsibility of the home fails to make a payment in the future or defaults altogether, the mortgage lender can still come after the other party for the loan balance.

    In addition, the other party’s credit score is likely to take a hit as a result. It could also hinder the ability to obtain financing for a home in the future.


    Even when parties feel they are backed into a corner because they have an underwater mortgage or just can’t sell their house, there are still solutions available, such as refinancing or assumption, that will not come back to haunt either party.


    Refinancing is one way to free a party from all responsibility of a home. By refinancing, the mortgage can be put under just one name.

    A program known as the Homes Affordable refinance Program, or HARP, is available for homeowners who wish to refinance, but remain underwater in their current mortgage.


    Although not as common, an assumption is another option for divorcing couples wishing to release one party from the mortgage obligation. In this situation, mortgage lenders will allow one party to “assume” the loan and remove the other party from the note.

    This option isn’t available in all circumstances, however, and many banks will likely require documentation and, in some cases, a copy of the divorce decree if an assumption is accepted.

    Speaking With an Attorney

    Before any decisions or actions are taken regarding the family home, the best course of action is to first contact a knowledgeable divorce attorney. A lawyer can offer guidance on the law and advice on the best course of action as it pertains to individual circumstances.

Why Hire Us?

We know you have many choices when it comes to selecting a family lawyer. 

At North Texas Family Lawyers, we offer the following:

  • Experts in family law through Board Certification by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization
  • Highly experienced attorneys and staff
  • Comprehensive services that cover life issues related to divorce and family law.
  • A team dedicated exclusively to issues related to the family; we do nothing else
  • An emphasis on genuine client care and service
  • Legal solutions tailored to your unique circumstances, needs, and goals

Reach out to us to schedule your consultation with a Denton County family law attorney at (972) 402-6367 or by sending us your contact details in our online request form.

  • Accessible Counsel
  • Service With Substance
  • Customized Strategies
  • Experience on Your Side

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